Product Marketing

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Concerns you may have about your products and services development:

  • How to manage my existing product portfolio ?
  • Did I really understand the expectations of the market in terms of product / functionality etc.?
  • How to manage my R & D lines and the deployment of my products as a pilot ?
  • When and how to deploy my products and services ?

Main services offered

  • Portfolio analysis: quantitative analysis of value elements
  • Determining the most promising target applications
  • Complete market research with international customer interviews
  • Quantitative technical and economic studies on your products and services
  • Business model selection and / or innovative business model design
  • Detailed Go-To-Market strategy launch
  • Accompanying the development and launch stages

Our added value:

  • Significant technical background with international R & D experience
  • Significant experience with product / service positioning studies
  • Experiences of arbitrage for multimillion R & D projects in SMEs and in multinationals
  • High quality services at a reasonable price due to low structural costs

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Our references are particularly numerous, and at an international level. The following projects are only a sample of these analyzes, which generally combine technical, financial, political and commercial aspects: positioning products and services, market positioning, valuation total market size / Accessible / targeted, Segmentation, Prioritization of target markets, pricing strategy, partnerships etc.

  • Maintenance and modernization of nuclear power plants
    • Nuclear Reactor Power Uprate product and services in the United States
    • Variable Speed Drives for nuclear applications
    • Passive Autocatalytic Recombiners (nuclear accident mitigation)
    • Containment Filtering and Venting Systems  (nuclear accident mitigation)
    • Post-accident sampling system (radioactive analysis, hydrogen, CO & steam levels)
    • Tools and inspection services for the primary circuits (reactor vessel, steam generator etc.)
  • Maintenance and modernization of hydropower plants
    • Reconditioning of stator bars
    • Modernization of generator ventilation systems
    • 3D re-engineering of hydraulic systems
    • Mitigation and repair of cavitation damages
  • Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
    • Durability of DMFC fuel cells for portable applications (technical aspects)
    • Feasibility study on the use of Fuel Cells at nuclear sites
    • State of the Art on Power to Gas