Blockchain has the potential to disrupt many processes in the energy sector.

  • Blockchain favors disintermediation, allowing for the development of new business cases, new organizations, and better integration of a more decentralized and democratized energy prosumer ecosystem (e.g using solar).
  • Today, you have over 150+ players working in the energy+blockchain sector on many different use cases, with many startups and large utilities involved in pilot developments in particular.
  • Most use cases are linked to Peer-to-peer energy trading (e.g. for solar), smart purchase platforms, wholesale trading, certificates of origin, electric mobility (charging/sharing).


The 2023 Blockchain for Energy database will bring you a significant wealth of information:

  • Over 150 detailed players profiles, from the  tiny startup to the recognized leaders
  • A review of the ongoing projects and pilots at a global level
  • Instant download from our secured website of the latest version
  • Single access to the latest version