Témoignages Clients Récents (Sept. 2023)

🇺🇸Startup Founders (Stealth Mode) ∣ Market Intelligence and Growth Strategy Development
« Francois is a very serious professional and highly dedicated expert, with a broad scientific as well as commercial background. He was tasked to hire a global team of analysts and manage them to come up with a unique qualified database of environmental projects around the globe. Not only did he recruit a top team of upwork analysts but he also ran them time and cost efficiently. His summary presentation was an invaluable work product, shaping the final strategy of our endeavors. He was given full budget and spending authority, which he has diligently used in our very best interest at all times. We recommend him and his services without any restrictions and will be happy to rehire him whenever a need arises. »

🇨🇭 ∣ CEO ∣ Consulting Company ∣ Research and Analysis of European Energy Strategy
« Exceptional quality and always a pleasure to work with François. Flexible with requests and perfect delivery. Top-level consulting work. Will definitely keep relation for future needs. »

🇺🇸 ∣ CEO ∣ Consulting Company ∣ Market Intelligence pour des solutions liées à la décarbonation
« I’m delighted to provide a glowing review for Francois, who has been an invaluable asset to our firm in deciphering decarbonization technologies and markets. Francois’s expertise is truly exceptional, providing us with deep insights into this complex field and invaluable market analysis. His commitment to delivering timely, comprehensive reports and his adeptness at monitoring relevant companies have greatly aided our decision-making. Francois is a dedicated and knowledgeable freelancer, and we enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone seeking top-tier expertise. He has added immense value to our firm, and we eagerly anticipate our ongoing collaboration. Thank you, Francois, for your outstanding contributions! »

🇳🇬 ∣ CEO & Founder ∣ Business Plan pour une startup active dans les renouvelables et les Smart Grids
« François is effective, conscientious, and highly knowledgeable about the subject matter of his field of specialization; his added value exceeded expectations, always delivering quality work against tight deadlines. Looking forward to continuing collaboration. »

🇺🇸 ∣ CEO ∣ Startup ∣ Support au ciblage marché
« Although I was concerned about the distance between us, François delivered just what I needed within a very tight timeframe. It was not only what I had requested, it was more than I had hoped for — perfect for my needs. I could not recommend him any more highly! »

🌎 ∣ CEO ∣ ETI ∣ Etude de marché pour un software utilisé dans l’évaluation des risques environnementaux
« We contracted Francois to take on a market research project in a very niche field. Francois eagerly took on the month-long project and completely exceeded our expectations with the results he provided. The quality of the work that he did for us was amazing, as it was very comprehensive with an incredible amount of detail. As well, he completed the project on time at the agreed-upon budget. In terms of working with Francois, he is an absolute pleasure to work with, as he is extremely professional, very accommodating, and an excellent communicator. »

🇭🇰 ∣ CEO ∣ Startup ∣ Etude de positionnement pour un software développé pour le secteur de l’énergie
« We were struggling in articulating the core value proposition for our offering. Francois was able to review, distill and articulate the problem very effectively. He helped us clean up our pitch and improve our product storyline. He was fast and effective – which meant our investment in a quality consultant paid off. »

🇦🇺 ∣ CEO ∣ SME ∣ Marketing Opérationnel pour une solution Off-grid
« Francois is an intelligent individual who can work very fast and accurately. I am glad to have met Francois and proud to say that we use him whenever we can to assist and advise our rapidly growing business »

🇺🇸 ∣ CEO ∣ Startup ∣ Financement et leasing d’équipements de stockage électrique
« François is an experienced senior energy professional with deep technical knowledge and commercial experience. Able to quickly come up to speed on complex projects. Brings a thoughtful, institutional approach to solving business challenges but does so as an independent actor, without some of the conflicts in-house teams can face. »

🇬🇧 ∣ Sales and Marketing Director ∣ ETI ∣ Amélioration des processus de vente et de competitive Intelligence
« François was well liked, diligent, personable and an asset to our company. He made significant contributions in the submission and the process of tendering. François also broke new ground for the company where he developed a competitor research program. I have no hesitation in recommending François »

🌎 ∣ VP Marketing North America at Multinational Company ∣ Strategic and Technology Marketing
« It is with great pleasure that I recommend Francois for any role that involves market analysis and business case development. Francois is smart, responsive, and professional. He consistently delivered high-quality results on schedule from our home office in Paris, France when I was leading the Marketing department in North America. I recommend Francois for international marketing roles without reservation »

🌎 ∣ VP Marketing Nuclear Services at Multinational Company ∣ Strategic and Technology Marketing
« François has a comprehensive and deep knowledge of the Energy sector including Public Policies, Stakeholders, Businesses, and Technologies. He also developed very specific skills and competencies in Business Analytics, Business Development, Strategic, and Product Marketing »

🌎 ∣ Marketing stratégique / Marketing de l’innovation – Large multinationale du secteur de l’énergie
« François is brilliant, dedicated and talented. He is clearly a team player and is always cheerful and positive. He has precious marketing and technical experience in the Nuclear business. I have enjoyed his contribution to value-driven marketing projects »

Interviews et apparitions dans les médias

Nombreuses interviews pour des journaux prestigieux come Le Monde, Forbes ou Power Magazine

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Conférences Récentes

Nous avons décidé de restreidre les déplacements pour des participations à des conférences pour limiter nos émission de GES. Voici néanmoins une séléction de notre participations passées

Jan.2023 – CES – Las Vegas, Etats-Unis
Dec.2019 – 9th Hydropower Plant Digitalization Forum – Berlin, Germany – Speaker
Nov.2019 – European Utility Week 2019 / Powergen 2019 – Paris, France – Advisory Board Member
Sep.2019 – World Energy Conference – Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jun.2019 – 2nd Asset Optimization & Energy Trading Data Analytics & IoT Forum – Vienna, Austria – Speaker
Apr.2019 – Blockchain and Smart contracts: transforming Energy Industry – Vienna, Austria – Speaker
Fev.2019 – Be Positive – Lyon, France
Dec.2018 – 6th Hydropower Plant Digitalization Forum – Berlin, Germany – Speaker
Nov.2018 – European Utility Week 2018