Climate Tech Market Intelligence

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Some examples of concerns you may have in relation to your strategic positioning

  • What are the latest legislative and policy developments in your sector ?
  • How does your competitor evolve in terms of overall strategy ?
  • Did you accurately identify precisely your customers expectations on your target market ?

Main services offered

  • Analysis of ecosystem drivers: policies, financial and legal drivers, key influencers, technology...
  • Technico-economic studies on your key segments in a qualitative and quantitative manner
  • Competitive analysis: technological, financial, organizational, etc.
  • Due Diligence Support for your M&A projects
  • Extensive analysis of customer expectations through Voice of Customers" projects

Our added value:

  • Prepared several international studies for SMEs and multinational companies
  • Several tools and databases in support to quantitative studies
  • Strong knowledge of the energy sector: policies, technologies, projects setups
  • Significant network in the energy sector at the international level
  • High quality services at a reasonable price due to low structural cost

In addition to the strategic positioning issues, we provide product marketing services as well as business development support




  • Instrumentation for Radiation Detection - Global Level
    • Competitors analysis (Sales, R&D, Products, key resources etc.)
    • Establishment of a company-wide competitive intelligence program
  • Maintenance and modernization of nuclear power plants - World level
    • Follow-up and analysis of political positions for the regular briefing of a multinational CEO
    • Analysis of economic and political drivers for power uprates in the US
    • Analysis of the ability to deploy new business models in the nuclear sector
  • Maintenance and modernization of hydro plants - World level
    • Target Markets analysis and ranking for services &  upgrades (6 business lines, 80+ geographies)
    • Impact study of environmental, political and economic drivers on production conditions
  • Turbine and Alternator Supplies for Hydropower - Worldwide Level
    • Preparation of detailed business plans on a set of sites and geographies as part of a restructuration
    • Analyses of the impact of mega trends on Hydro players (e.g. digitization, etc.) for GE top management