We have several references for global project on the nuclear topic. The following projects are only a sample of the analysis portfolio. It usually encompassed several dimensions like the technical, financial, policy and of course commercial dimensions: products and services competitive positioning, market sizing (total, accessible, target), target markets prioritization, pricing strategy, partnership, goto market strategy etc. 

  • Maintenance & modernisation of nuclear Power plants - Global level
    • Regular public policy and market evolution briefings for the CEO of a multinational company
    • In-depth analysis of the business and policy drivers supporting power updates in the US
    • In-depth analysis of potential new business models deployment in the nuclear sector (for fuel, maintenance) 
    • Variable Speed Drives for nuclear applications
    • Passive Autocatalytic Recombiners (nuclear accident mitigation)
    • Containment Filtering and Venting Systems  (nuclear accident mitigation)
    • Post-accident sampling system (radioactive analysis, hydrogen, CO & steam levels)
    • Tools and inspection services for the primary circuits (reactor vessel, steam generator etc.) 
  • Instrumentation for radiation detection - Global level
    • Competitive intelligence projects : on products, services, R&D, M&A, key resources etc.
    • Setup of a company-wide competitive intelligence program



A pragmatic and personalized approach to your challenges

  • Actionable deliverables : Because innovation requires going beyond an umpteenth study on the X or Y markets ... What target market, what time horizon, what timing of development and marketing, what list of prospects, what business Models on which segments ... we will accompany you on all phases in an extremely concrete way.
  • A personalized support based on a consistent analytical corpus but without imposing ready-made solutions. Our past experiences enrich our recommendations but never constitute a recipe.
  • An accompaniment in the deployment: we do not just stop at the recommendations. No Power Point consultant here. If you wish, we will accompany your sales team very directly by integrating them to take direct action.

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