AI Supports Climate Action

IA et Climate Action ne s'opposent pas et de nombreuses use cases très différents existent pour utiliser l'IA au service du climat.

Ok, many #ai #ml applications may lead to substantial net emissions…but many others will also strongly help fight climate change (see below) and could also help support new narratives: AI supports climate action

AI In Support Of Climate Action

Many reports (see list in the comments) recurringly underline a set of AI use cases that are particularly adapted for climate action(Assessment/Mitigation/Adaptation/Resilience)
✅ Data-gathering & processing for climate intelligence, monitoring, and analysis
✅ Process optimization through improved simulations (e.g. with hybrid modeling)
✅ Support a collaborative ecosystem and climate-positive behavior

Example of Startups leveraging AI for Climate Action

✅ Satellite imagery for MRV: PachamaNCXGHGSATBlue Sky Analytics
✅ Natural disaster analysis: Cloud to StreetexciOne Concern
✅ Agtech: FarmWiseGro IntelligenceProspera Technologies
✅ Innovative materials for batteries, DACC: MaterialsZone
✅ Iot data management & improved HVAC operations: Google’s DeepMind
✅ Improved supply chain: DeepSea TechnologiesWasteless – Sell More, Waste Less
✅ Grid optimization and energy scheduling: EnPoweredGaiascope, Inc.GridwareInvenia Labs
✅ Climate models: PolArctic LLC
✅ Traditional Industrial process optimization/retrofits: Samp
➡️ Feel free to flag other startups of interest in the comments. I’m Interested

Content Generation to Support Climate Action

✅ Like many, I tested ChatGPT, asking hardcore climate questions. Despite sporadic imprecisions, I was pretty impressed overall by its ability to create well-crafted and nuanced answers in natural language. I also tested its “artistic side” and the below song was generated in seconds! ✅ For visual design, I also tested Midjourney, which proposes many options – e.g. inspiration from specific artists, complex photo composition – and it generates impressive original art based on very specific prompts in less than a minute (see enclosed pictures example). AI supports climate action also through the development of art and new narratives?
➡️ How best to leverage AI content generation capabilities for climate action?
Climate Change by ChatGPT

Innovation is the key to our success,
We need to act now, to address,
The ecological transition, it’s real,
We need to find solutions, that’s the deal.

Innovate for a greener future,
With technology, we can make it suture.

Sobriety, it’s the first step,
To reduce consumption and prep,
For renewable energy, it’s the way,
To power our world, every single day.

Nuclear energy, fusion and fission,
Clean and efficient, it’s a decision,
Negative emissions, a step ahead,
To remove CO2, and clear our head.

Let’s work together, for a common goal,
A sustainable future, for one and all,
Innovation is the key, to our success,
We can build a better world, with less stress.

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