• Strategic Marketing projects for Hydro development
    • Target Markets analysis and ranking for services &  upgrades (6 business lines, 80+ geographies) 
    • Impact study of environmental, political and economic drivers on production conditions
    • Preparation of detailed business plans on a set of sites and geographies as part of a restructuration
    • Analyses of the impact of mega trends on Hydro players (e.g. digitization, etc.) for GE top management
  • Product marketing and Sales Support (market studies, tools and sales packages preparation)
    • New service for the reconditioning of stator bars
    • New service for the modernization of generator ventilation systems 
    • New service for the 3D re-engineering of hydraulic systems
    • New service for the Mitigation and repair of cavitation damages
    • New service for Dry Ice blasting of hydro-generators
    • Market analysis for the deployment of new Field Services sites



Hydropower : an old technology that is back on the scene

In 2017, Hydropower represents approximately 1250 GW of installed capacity, with almost 25-35 GW of new additional annual capacity (+31.5 GW in 2016). In terms of production, this represents about 4150 GWh of electricity produced annually worldwide.

If traditional hydropower stations constitute the largest part of the installations, turbine-pumping stations (PSP) nevertheless represent a significant percentage of installations in some regions. Final turbines designs (mostly Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, bulbs) and generator designs are highly dependent on the characteristics of each project and speed governor models (proprietary, PLC based) also evolve over time. If those components focus most of the attention today when it comes to hydropower, maintenance, services & upgrade services as wells small hydro are gaining attention. To caricature, the market today is divided between two trends:

  • A Service and Modernization starts to dominate the mature markets (mainly Europe and North America) where the new large-scale hydro infrastructures find it difficult to get a strong business plan and a favorable regulatory framework
  • A New Plant market dominates Asia in particular, pulled very strongly by China, followed by South America and Africa. The potential of these regions remains largely untapped - in particular in Africa - and major projects are still being carried out in these areas.

If the Turbine-Alternator-Speed ​​Control market remains handled by a relatively limited number of players, the small hydro and services segments are highly fragmented but rapidly growing markets in hydro.

Just a few of "megatrends" that influence the hydro business

  • The digitization of the hydraulic industry will modify the maintenance practices and allow better "Design for maintenance" efforts but also allow to extend the area of operation of turbines-generators. It may also indirectly help PSP plants business model by valuing new services.
  • Drought-related environmental stresses that lead to lower levels in reservoirs drive changes in the design of certain plant components
  • The emergence of new Chinese players who now wish to leave China to sell their products and services
  • The rise of Africa as a market for large hydro but also services and modernization campaigns
  • The development of services and the small hydro that compensate for the difficult cycle encountered on large projects

A pragmatic and personalized approach to your challenges

  • Actionable deliverables : Because innovation requires going beyond an umpteenth study on the X or Y markets ... What target market, what time horizon, what timing of development and marketing, what list of prospects, what business Models on which segments ... we will accompany you on all phases in an extremely concrete way.
  • A personalized support based on a consistent analytical corpus but without imposing ready-made solutions. Our past experiences enrich our recommendations but never constitute a recipe.
  • An accompaniment in the deployment: we do not just stop at the recommendations. No Power Point consultant here. If you wish, we will accompany your sales team very directly by integrating them to take direct action.

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