French Climate Tech Startups at CES 2023

Les startups françaises de la Climate Tech étaient particulièrement bien représentées à l'incroyable salon CES de Las Vegas (Janvier 2023)

French climate tech startups at CES 2023 were particularly well represented… Here are my impressions of CES 2023 in Las Vegas with a particular focus on these companies that I was able to observe with great interest. Many “non-French” meetings also of course… but I wanted to reserve this post […]

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AI Supports Climate Action

IA et Climate Action ne s'opposent pas et de nombreuses use cases très différents existent pour utiliser l'IA au service du climat.

Ok, many #ai #ml applications may lead to substantial net emissions…but many others will also strongly help fight climate change (see below) and could also help support new narratives: AI supports climate action AI In Support Of Climate Action Many reports (see list in the comments) recurringly underline a set of […]

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