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Cabonexit Consulting is born from the fusion of several elements : a willingness to create something new, a taste for the entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the ecological transition. Climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts will reshape the way individuals, companies and the public sector think, produce and organize themselves. Because this challenge is at the heart of technological innovation, of massive commercial opportunities and of course of global development challenges...

I could only fall for it.


François Le Scornet carries 15 years of international experience in the energy and power generation sector, working for industry leaders like GE Renewable Energy (Hydropower mostly, Offshore wind, Solar and Storage), AREVA (Nuclear mostly, Offshore wind, storage) and the US Department of Energy (Hydrogen - fuel cells). François has a very strong expertise of the technologies, policies and market trends in this sector as he successfully led countless market analyses, business plans reviews and transformation projects in support to demanding C-level executives of those multinational companies, where François worked for 10 years in global corporate positions. He is currently an independent consultant specialized in the energy and power generation sector, François is used to prepare compelling analyses to solve complex issues, leveraging his expertise and his proficiency in the traditional consulting tools, frameworks and methodologies. Based in France, François holds a Master in Chemical engineering and a Specialized Master in International business from HEC Paris.

His sectors of expertise includes the policies, technologies and market trends in the following sectors: Power and energy markets - Nuclear markets as well as operations and maintenance - Hydropower - Solar Power - - Biogas and biofuels - Offshore wind - Hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries for energy storage and production - Electric mobility - low-carbon power generation in general.


Marketing & Business Development

A pragmatic and personalized approach to your challenges

  • Actionable deliverables : Because innovation requires going beyond an umpteenth study on the X or Y markets ... What target market, what time horizon, what timing of development and marketing, what list of prospects, what business Models on which segments ... we will accompany you on all phases in an extremely concrete way.
  • A personalized support based on a consistent analytical corpus but without imposing ready-made solutions. Our past experiences enrich our recommendations but never constitute a recipe.
  • An accompaniment in the deployment: we do not just stop at the recommendations. No Power Point consultant here. If you wish, we will accompany your sales team very directly by integrating them to take direct action.

A strong expertise in the international business development in the energy sector

  • Several years of experience based abroad or with global responsibilities
  • Very fruitful experiences in SMEs as well as in corporate position in multinational companies
  • 50+ product marketing projects for mature products or R&D budget arbitrage
  • A technical expertise associated with a financial and commercial one
  • International sales & tendering experience

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Access to energy is at the heart of economic, social and environmental issues

First of all, let us recall that the availability of energy only allows the economic and social development of a territory if it fulfills the following conditions:

  • Abundant energy with regard to the needs
  • Energy easily mobilized by this territory
  • Competitive energy financially

Obviously, not all energy sources available in each territory meet all of these criteria. This is where the public authority plays a decisive role in regulating a sector in which emerges:

  • Financial tensions: fair remuneration for production / distribution
  • Economic and social tensions: a socially acceptable purchase cost
  • Tensions related to the risk of supply disruption and the associated geopolitical risks

Moreover, energy sobriety and increased energy efficiency will also play a critical role in the supply-demand balance. The cheapest kWh is indeed the one that is not produced / consumed. Nevertheless, the world will have to face increasing energy needs, since by 2050 the world's population is expected to increase by more than 30%. Thus, whatever the efforts on the various levels, it must not be forgotten that more than one billion people will legitimately increase significantly the overall energy consumption to enable them to reach a satisfactory standard of living.

Thus, the last decades have been marked by a lasting awareness of the energy problems that our planet has to face. This challenge entails a profound change in our energy approach, which seeks not only to diversify energy sources but also to introduce new energy vectors to meet our nomadic behaviors.


The change of paradigm: new energies more decarbonized, digitized, decentralized

In this context, Carbonexit Consulting supports low-carbon industrial companies, particularly in the hydrogen and fuel cells sector, the hydraulics sector and the nuclear sector.

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Years of experience in low-carbon power generation
Years of experience in international Business Development
Launch / repositioning of Products & Services for the industry
Daily hours of dedication to customer once hired...