Years of experience in low-carbon power generation
Years of experience in international Business Development
Launch / repositioning of Products & Services for the industry
Daily hours of dedication to customer once hired...
Why Carbonexit Consulting ?

Cabonexit Consulting is born from the fusion of several elements : a willingness to create something new, a taste for the entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the ecological transition. Climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts will reshape the way individuals, companies and the public sector think, produce and organize themselves. Because this challenge is at the heart of technological innovation, of massive commercial opportunities and of course of global development challenges...I could only fall for it.


International exposure : master several languages, lived abroad several years (US,UK, Germany), global responsibilities

Complementary experiences : research labs, French and foreign SMEs, Multinational Headquarters (Areva, GE)

A strong expertise in the low-carbon energy sector in all its dimensions

Team management and operations experiences as well as top-level consulting for C-level executives

A comprehensive academic background : Chemical engineer with a Specialized Master from HEC Paris


Proximity : because you can speak about serious issues without taking yourself too seriously 

Intellectual challenges : because it modifies our capacity to change ourselves and to change the world 

Adventure : because our second life starts when we realize that we only have one 

Sincerity : because it is necessary to progress